And they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold and one shepherd.” May God… shortly bring to fulfillment His prophecy for transforming this consoling vision of the future into a present reality… It is God’s task to bring about this happy hour and to make it known to all. When it does arrive, it will turn out to be a solemn hour, one big with consequences not only for the restoration of the Kingdom of Christ, but for the pacification of… the world. We pray most fervently, and ask others likewise to pray for this much-desired pacification of society. —POPE PIUS XI, Ubi Arcani dei Consilioi “On the Peace of Christ in his Kingdom”, December 23, 1922



As the revelation and contemplation on the new universal calendar progressed, I was delighted to understand that Jesus was not only the new creation or the recreation of the seven days of the universe, but He is also the recreator and personification of the seven millennium ages of the universe.

Everyone can testify that we have many problems in the universe world now. It has been always the same since the Fall of creation, however, the problems have exacerbated in this period (since the sixth age of the universe.) And many persons understand as well that the Light of God has gone out in the universe as never has been before. In that sense many have truly attested that the reason why we have problems in the universe is because God’s Will is not at the center. We have put Jesus Christ, the Light of the universe, in the periphery of our lives and global considerations and decisions. As long as Jesus Christ, the Messiah and the King of the universe is not at the center, we will continue to have problems and it will get even worst. He is called the FIRST AND LAST: (Revelation 1:17). All the universe belongs to Him (He is called the HEIR OF ALL THINGS: (Hebrews 1:2). In many nations and individual persons, there is a desire for concrete way to bring Jesus back to the center of the universe and one’s life. This Christ the King New Era Calendar is the concrete way, that Jesus has revealed, which brings Him back to the center of the universe and individual lives. Thus, the Christ the King Millennium era calendar is much more than christening the days of the week, which of course is a necessary beginning as it enthrones and personifies Jesus every day of the for rest of time. In this way, Jesus will journey with the universe and oneself through life and the future.

The Christ the King Calendar does not only enthrone and glorify God in a special way in this New Era of His Millennium reign, but it also makes reparation for all the acts of love that were withheld from God and worship withheld in all the previous ages of the universe. Each millennium is a day in the Eyes of God and each millennium of the ages of the universe is signified by a Mystery of Jesus Christ the King in the New Era Calendar Cycle. We see definite connections between the Seven Days of the New Era Calendar and the events of the seven ages of the universe. For instance, on the second day of Christ the King Calendar we have the Mystery of Nativity of the Son of God and on the second age of the seven ages of the universe we have a significant event of the appearance of the “sons of God-Nephilim,” who corrupted the universe. On the fourth day of Christ the King Calendar we have the Eucharist and on the fourth age of the universe we have the significant events of the Institution of the Levitical Priesthood and the Manna falling from Heaven in the desert. On the sixth day of Christ the King Calendar we have the Descent to Hades (a place of darkness to rescue souls) and on the sixth age of the universe we have the darkest age of human history and the missionary journey of the mystical Body of Christ in many pagan countries/continents for salvation of souls. Each of the mysteries of the days of the millennium era calendar resonates all the way back to all the ages of the universes praising or making reparation to the Lord and God Who has always been the same as the times and ages passed by. For instance, by the second day ceaseless cycle of glorification of the Birth of the Son of God His Presence fills the universe; in reverse, it brings abolition of the presence and impacts of the fallen sons of God who infiltrated the universe at the second age. There are many other important symbolisms revealed in this presentation; for instance, the reason why the Eucharist will become the CenterPoint of this seventh millennium-era after the purification of the universe. In this presentation it is evident how Jesus, Our Lord and King, through this calendar exults, sanctifies, remedies, and restores the blessings of the seven thousand years hindered by idolatry and sins. Before going into the presentation of the Seven Mysteries of Christ the King Calendar and their signification in the seven ages of the universe, here is a summary of the impacts of the Christ the King Calendar.

Sevenfold Blessings of Christ the King Calendar

The sevenfold zeal for God expressed in the ceaseless calendar of seven days cycle of Christ in His Mysteries brings seven-fold blessings. Christ Mysteries are Light. There will be seven-fold light in this millennium era; and God is Light. There will be sevenfold Presence of God; there will be sevenfold love; and God is Love. Sevenfold peace, as there is sevenfold love of neighbors as well. The calendar not only sanctifies the present period but goes back to remedy all human sins of the past generations; it recovers the treasuries of God upon earth and eternal values to the extent one lives it.

This universe now in the seventh day will enjoy seven-fold divine blessings that have been bestowed upon earth but withheld because of human sins and idolatry. The universe is full of mineral resources that have not been used; similarly, the earth is full of God’s declared blessings that have not been used. God’s blessings are irrevocable, once declared, they cannot be taken away. This era reaps the abundance of the earth withheld in all those eras humans served other gods. As persons live the calendar, turning completely only to the Lord alone, it restores all the blessings and promises God bestowed upon the universe in different periods of the seven ages of the universe; all the blessings in the promises of God that were not used because of sins and idolatry, and thus releases them upon earth. It releases the fullness of the blessings of goodness that God decreed upon each day during creation; the blessings released from God in the rainbow of Noah, the blessings released from God in the sacrifices of the just (Melchizedek, Abraham, etc.), blessings bestowed upon the Promised Land of Canaan, blessings bestowed upon the Ark of the Covenant, blessings bestowed upon the Temple of God on the day of its consecration, the blessings and promises decreed by God in the voices of the prophets; the graces and effulgence in the Blood of Jesus shed on Calvary, blessings bestowed upon the world in the Upper Room Of Jerusalem, etc.

The calendar brings the New Pentecost, a life immersed and centered on Christ the King. In the same passage where the Lord God promises blessings of Pentecost, He also promised restoration, “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter) (Joel 2). As the evil one is cast into the abyss (for 1000 years) all he has stolen shall be restored and he will give up all he has withheld. Sacred Scripture says, “The thief…if he is caught, he will pay sevenfold; he will give all the goods of his house” (Prov.6: 30-31). And we know why the Lord called satan “The thief (who) comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” and we also know what He, the soon-coming King and Restorer, does, “I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly” (Jn.10:10). Thus, what the locust has been eating since the exile from the Garden of Eden will be restored sevenfold in this seventh day, the seventh millennium. As nations implement this calendar, they will be seven-fold blessed in peace; both the peace given now, and the peace withheld in those past eras of national and international distress of wars and famine because of idolatry and sins.

On individual and family levels as well, may it please God that this calendar makes you reap all the blessings bestowed upon your family line that have not been used, and all that the evil one has taken or withheld from your family because of their idolatry and sins. May it bestow upon you the good health that was taken by sickness in your family lines. This calendar brings the promise of God for the new earth to effect, “No more shall there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, or an old man who does not fill out his days” (Isa.65). The barrenness that occurred because of turning away from God and other reasons, that the Lord will bring through you and your household all the children meant to be born in your family line in the past who were never born as the blessings were not received or stolen by satan…Also, the blessings of restoration extends to the dead especially those going through purifications in those ages and periods that living this calendar makes reparation for. As you adore the Lord constantly in a continuum through this Christ the King calendar, may He, the Lord, and the Judge, be pleased to release your relatives down the line in the past millenniums who turned away from Him and now are in place of suffering (purification) of their souls.

The continuous rounds of creation and eco-sanctification will similarly bestow peace upon all things. As humans return to the place of Eden meant for them through this calendar, so will all creation return to the place of peace and harmlessness meant for them at creation (Isa.65). There will no more terrorism or war; neither will the aggression from other creatures subsist like earthquakes, tsunamis, animals, or beasts devouring humans, peace in Jerusalem and peace in the jungles, and peace in all the nations of the universe.

These blessings here help me recall what the Lord had spoken few years ago, “Had any nation made Me the only religion among its citizenry, and truly removed all idolatries, the world would have seen what that nation would have been, what I would have made them be.” In peace and blessedness shall abide the hearts who live this calendar; and peace and light in those homes upon which this calendar hangs.



(An Account of JESUS’ Presence and Providence in the Universe from Creation through the Millennium-Reign, and the Reparations to Jesus for the Seven Ages)

I do not want you to be unaware, brothers and sisters,

that our ancestors were all under the cloud

and all passed through the sea,
and all of them were baptized into Moses
in the cloud and in the sea.
All ate the same spiritual food,
and all drank the same spiritual drink,
for they drank from a spiritual rock that followed them,
and the rock was the Christ” (1 Cor.10:1-6)

Through Jesus the all-good universe was created; and through Him, the fallen dark and miserable creation was redeemed and in Him, the world is sustained. He has never left the universe. In the beginning He was the Word that gave flesh to all things “God spoke, and all things were made.” He has been restoring the universe from the first millennium of fallen creation and will shine His sevenfold Light in this sabbath millennium. Since that fall that made creation to be exiled from Garden of Eden, creation has been on a journey to return to Eden, Paradise of God on earth. In most part of the ages of the exile of the universe, He was present and providential, operating but in hidden forms. “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by Him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through Him and for Him…in Him all things hold together…For in Him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through Him to reconcile to Himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the Blood of His Cross (Col.1).

Thus, in this account of the ages of the universe, we will see how the history of the universe is united in Christ, our Lord and God, and this history becomes a celebrated and perpetuated liturgy of thanksgiving and gratitude of everything in the universe to God through the Christ the King calendar. In the millennium of the seventh day, the sabbath, universal ceaseless adoration to Him alone is the reward for Him Who has been with the universe in various forms from the beginning to now acting in the universe in different ways (whether in the creation of the universe, in the building of the Ark in Noah, the offering of benedictions in the Bread of Melchizedek and Abraham, the receiving of the Tablets of Law in Moses, the Manna falling from Heaven, the parting of the Jordan to enter the Land of Promise by the Ark of the Covenant, the Divine King winning victories of wars in David and hearkening to the request of the Queen Mother in Solomon (I Kgs. 2), the redeeming Blood poured on Gethsemane and Calvary, the journeying to various nations in the missionaries, etc.).

(N/B: Just as we have stated in “The Great Universal Calendar Reset” regarding the arrangement of the seven days of God’s Creation cycle calendar, each day begins in the eve of a previous day, to ensure divine immutability and continuity, “And there was evening and there was morning, the first day” (Gen.1:5, 8, etc.). Also, each of these seven ages or millennium begins in a millennium before it. So, you will see the event of the second millennium, for instance, beginning in the eve of the first millennium. A perfect example is that Redemption of Christ’s Blood, the CenterPoint of the Fifth Millennium began around 3997 BC, Fourth Millennium. In this sense, many of these universal events of the Seven Ages are placed by ‘approximate’ chronology. Also, we will use two sources here to account for Jesus Christ’s ever-presence in the universe and Jesus Christ as the unity of the old and the new creation. We will cite from the Sacred Scriptures and from God’s Foot is on the World: Millennium Reign of Christ the King Begins)


First Millennium Period: ANNUNCIATION

(Major events of this first millennium: Creation of the universe (Gen. 1&2), Fall of Adam and Eve, Exodus from the Garden of Eden (Gen.3), etc.)

(Scriptural References on Jesus’ Presence in the First Age: He is called the BEGINNING OF CREATION OF GOD: (Revelation 3:14) and the CREATOR: (John 1:3) and the LIGHT OF THE WORLD: (John 8:12)

The eve of the first millennium of the universe is eternal Light from which God spoke, “Let there be light.” The infinite and the finite were thus merged in the eve of the first millennium, “In the beginning, God made heaven and earth.” And all things were created in this millennium. Here we recall the age of innocence.

Then the fall caused by the fallen archangel, lucifer, as they disobeyed the Word spoken by God. The first man formed by God from earth (persons often call mother earth as God molded Adam from it). Adam and Eve left Garden of Eden and sojourned in exile and darkness, in the captivity of their own will and disobedience. East of Eden was their above and when they turned away from east, they went in the shadows as they turned away from light.

Citation from God’s Foot is on the World: Christ the King: The Old and New Creation God’s Foot: First Day’s creation of Light out of “formless darkness” (Gen.1) is reconciled with CMD Monday celebration of Annunciation, the dawn of a New Creation. Annunciation of the Birth of Jesus the Messiah is like a ray of light to the world living in an exile of dark- ness, awaiting the Messiah; accordingly, in major Christian artistry (Robert Campin (c. 1378-1444), Fra Angelico (c. 1400-1455), Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510), El Greco (1451-1614), Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519), and Adolphe-William Bouguereau (1825-1905), “The Holy Spirit commonly takes shape as a descending dove or as a ray of light streaming through the window.”

Annunciation Day. Here annunciation of Jesus by the Angel and the simultaneous conception (incarnation of the Word invisibly in the womb of Mary) bestows light on earth in the way God’s Word bestowed light at the beginning. Regarding this moment as light, the church prays in Advent, “May the Almighty and merciful God…sanctify you by the radiance of Christ’s Advent and enrich you with His blessing” Here we recall the Immaculate innocence of the Second Eve and the light coming to the world in the annunciation and conception of the Lord, the New Creation, the Second Adam all-formed by God in the womb of Mary, the Mother the Lord and Queen of the universe.

Effects: The First Day, Annunciation, ceaseless weekly cycle glorification of God for the creation of light restores the pre-Fall goodness of creation


Second Millennium Period: NATIVITY (Divine Visible Incarnation)

(Major events of this second millennium: Incarnation of Fallen Angels (sons of God, Gen.6), Noah’s Ark and Beginning of the Flood (Gen.7), etc.)

(Scriptural References on Jesus’ Presence in the Second Age: He is called the IMAGE OF GOD: (2 Corinthians 4:4); the MEDIATOR: (1 Timothy 2:5); the SON OF GOD: (Matthew 2:15)

The eve of the second millennium emerges from the fall and then this millennium, we recall the incarnation of other worldly intermediary beings on earth (the Nephilim). Celestial half-human and half-divine beings physically came to the earth, and begot children, giants of old, “the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they took as their wives any they chose…these were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown” (Gen.6:2). Perversion increased and the Lord God asked Noah, a chosen family, to build an Ark and the pigeon/dove would be released from this Ark at the end of the Flood by the chosen family of Noah.

Citation from God’s Foot is on the World: Christ the King: The Old and New Creation God’s Foot: Second Day’s creation of “dome that separates the creatures under the sky and other worldly sphere,” finds symbolic reconciliation with the bodily birth of Jesus Christ, Who is the Mediator between God and humans. The dome is bridge between two spheres; the Man, Jesus is the bridge revealing God to humans and humans to God.

Nativity and Dedication Day. On the second day of the Christ the King calendar, we contemplate and live Jesus Who came redeemed the earth and would undo the perversion and sins that the fallen sons of God had come to do on earth, “He will be great and will be called the Son of (God) the Most High” (Lk.1:32). Jesus, the Heavenly God and earthly Man joined, God-Man, the Bridge between human sphere and divine spare was physically born on earth. One of the final blessings at Christmas Mass, “And may God, Who by the Incarnation brought together the earthly and heavenly realm, fill you with the gift of His peace and favor.” The CHOSEN FAMILY, the Holy Family of Jesus, Virgin Mary, and Joseph goes to the temple for purification. They went with two doves that were often released according to tradition.

Effects: The seventh millennium weekly cycle of Nativity of the Beloved Son of God endlessly appeases the aggravation of God in the second millennium caused by corruption introduced by the fallen sons of God and contamination of purity and innocence. It brings abolition of idols that have exalted themselves in various forms over the face of the earth and their impacts over the ages of the universe.

(After completing and having posted this document on the EFFECTS OF THE NEW ERA CALENDAR RESET, I was looking for the time associated with the appearance of Melchizedek, and I found this citation. And if Jesus the Son of God, is the personification and fulfilment of Melchizedek, we understand the reason for the appearance here of these three heavenly-earthly beings in this period of incarnation of divine beings on earth. We understand that Melchizedek had no actual time of beginning, and we understand that He has also visited Abraham earlier before the offering of bread and Win, “I saw Noe offering sacrifice in the ark upon an altar covered with red over which was a white cloth. In an arched chest were preserved the bones of Adam. During prayer and sacrifice, Noe laid them on the altar. I saw on the altar, likewise, the Chalice of the Last Supper which, during the building of the ark, had been brought to Noe by three figures in long white garments. They looked like the three men that announced to Abraham the birth of a son. They came from a city that was destroyed at the time of the Deluge. They addressed Noe as one whose fame had reached them, and told him that he should take with him into the ark a mysterious something that they gave him, in order that it might escape the waters of the Deluge. The mysterious thing was that Chalice. In it lay a grain of wheat, large as a sunflower seed, and a vine branch. Noe stuck both into a yellow apple and put it into the Chalice. The Chalice had no cover, for the branch was to grow out of it. After the dispersion of men at the building of the Tower of Babel, I saw that Chalice in the possession of one of Sem’s descendants in the country of Semiramis. He was the ancestor of the Samanenses, who were established at Canaan by Melchizedek. Hither they took the Chalice… Immediately after the Deluge, fish and shellfish began to be eaten. Afterward, as people multiplied, they ate bread and birds… But Jesus showed them also what fables had been written about him and that he was a false side picture, a counterfeit type of the priest and king Melchisedech. He told them to notice the difference between Dsemschid’s race and that of Abraham… Who Melchisedech was, Jesus left to themselves to determine; but of one thing they might be certain, he was an ancient type of the future, but then fast approaching fulfillment of the Promise. The sacrifice of bread and wine which he had offered would be fulfilled and perfected and would continue till the end of time.” (Catherine Emmerich on Pre-Flood/deluge, Noah.)

Third Millennium Period: BAPTISM

(Major events of this third millennium: End of Flood and Noah’s Family (Gen.8), Tower of Babel Gen.11, Call of Abram Gen.12, Melchizedek blessing, Exodus to Egypt Gen.37-42, Crossing the Red Sea Ex.15, etc.)

(Scriptural References on Jesus’ Presence in the Third Age: He is called TRUE VINE: (John 15:1) He is the SPRING OF LIVING WATER (Isa.55:1)

The eve of the third millennium began in the Flood of the second millennium. The family of Noah survived on the wood hanging on the water. Eventually the human family begins to increase again; however, persons became full of themselves and desired to like God and began building the Tower of Babel. Confusion came on the Tower, and they were dispersed. Here too we note the call of Abram and the family of Abraham, and exile to Egypt, and escape from land of captivity

Citation from God’s Foot is on the World: Christ the King: The Old and New Creation: Third Day’s creation of land and sea is reconciled with the Baptism of Jesus in River Jordan. Separation of sea from land instituted an order that overcame the primeval chaos whereby the whole earth was covered with water is reconciled with the Baptism of Jesus in River Jordan: Some early Church Fathers teach that Jesus’ Baptism at River Jordan was a moment of victory over behemoth, the principal agent of chaos and death, that resided under the sea-lotuses in Jordan (Job 40: 15- 24). This powerful primeval monster was the principal agent of disorder, only to be slayed by God; this victory is further demonstrated in Jesus walking on the sea. Moses and Joshua led the people through the sea, but in Jesus, we see that all power has been put under His feet and he walked on the sea, treading on behemoth. All Christians are baptized in water and obtain their victory over transgression and death through the victory of Jesus; baptized and believing in His Name we tread on serpents. The creation of plants and fruits on this 3rd day is also reconciled with the Public Ministry of Jesus, especially the event of Cana whereby by on “the third day” He changed water into wine (Jn.2) – wine made from some creatures of this day.

Baptism and Wilderness and Public Ministry Day: As we think of the destruction by the Flood, we remember salvation by water of Baptism. As we have said, Christ is the meeting point of all the events of the seven ages. There is a correlation in the waters of the Flood, passage from the waters of the Red Sea, and the current Baptism in water. Also, on this day we celebrate Jesus Public Ministry which included the miracles of changing water into wine and walking on water. And by this He demonstrates that He is the only Safety and Savior of the universe by calling Peter out of the boat sailing on the water to walk on the water with Him. And as we think of the life preserved by the wood hanging on the water, we think of life salvation from the Wood of Calvary, Jesus Christ, which we receive in the water of baptism. Here we see a correlation, too, in that the evil one took Jesus to the parapet of the temple like those in the Tower of Babel and promised to give Him the entire splendor of earth if He could worship him as god. They were dispersed from the Tower and possibly, Jesus dispersed from the wilderness into the world for His ministry after this temptation on the parapet.

Effects: The ceaseless third day, Baptism, glorification in Christ the King calendar, constantly celebrates the mercy of God and the rainbow- sign of His everlasting faithfulness and kindness.

Fourth Millennium Period: EUCHARIST

(Major events of this fourth millennium: Institution of Old Covenant on Mount Sinai Tablet of Law Ex. 19&20; Manna in the desert Ex.16; Ark of the Covenant Ex.25, Institution of Priesthood Num.18, Entering Canaan Num.20, Institution of Kingship I Sam.10 & 17, Building the Temple I Kg.6, Immaculate Conception of Mary, Immanuel Mat.1, Institution of New Covenant on Upper Room Mat.26, etc.)

(Scriptural References on Jesus’ Presence in the Fourth Age: He is called LAWGIVER: (Isaiah 33:22) And the BREAD OF LIFE: (John 6:32) and the KING OF THE AGES: (1 Timothy 1:17)

In the Fourth Millennium the Ten Commandments were received by Moses. And the Lord gave guideline on how to build the Ark of the Covenant. Following the institution of the Tablets of God, Levitical Priesthood was also instituted. Davidic Kingship was instituted here. David was anointed and thus was a prophet and King. Solomon built the Temple. Israel gloried in the Temple, but their lives were corrupt. Here we remember the office of the queen mother as well (I kg.2). In this millennium too, the Ark of the Covenant (Ark of God) and the Temple of God were built: it helps to think of Immaculate Conception that occurred in this Millennium, which is the making of the New Ark of God, and Jesus, the temple of God, was born in this millennium.

Citation from God’s Foot is on the World: Christ the King: The Old and New Creation God’s Foot: Fourth Day’s creation of day-light and night-darkness helps us meditate on Christ’s Institution of the Most Holy Eucharist (a Mystery of Light), and the night of His sorrow and that began in Gethsemane right after the Institution of the Eucharist.

Transfiguration, Institution of the Eucharist, Priesthood Day: Towards the eve of the middle-day of the universe-week (that is, the fourth millennium, the middle-age of the universe), JESUS Christ, the WORD TOOK FLESH (the Eucharist) to nourish with His Body and Blood, the MAANA from Heaven, everything in creation in their exile to the Millennium-era rest. This was prefigured by manna that fell from Heaven to nourish the Israelites while they were at their middle of their journey to the Promised Land, and the Bread and Wine offered by Melchizedek.

Here too, we see the continuation of the Mystery of Incarnation. Many credible theological teachings have described the Holy Eucharist as the “Second Incarnation” (and repeated Incarnation) of Jesus Christ. And this is symbolized in Jesus taking Flesh through Mary, the spiritual Mother of the New Creation (universe). “The Eucharist is the continuation and perpetuation of Incarnation through the Virgin Woman; in the Eucharist the Son of God becomes Flesh daily in the Church, the Bride of Christ and the symbolic perpetual Virgin Mother” (Rev. Robert J. Billett, C.M.F). Through the Holy Mother, the Church, Jesus takes Flesh in Body and Blood (Bread and Wine) in the ministry of Priesthood. St. Athanasius (d. 373) in the Fragmentum apud Eutychium: “As soon however as the great prayers and holy petitions are said, the ‘Word descends upon the bread and the chalice and they become His body. . ..” A popular blog, Catholic Culture, writes on a sub-caption, “EUCHARISTIC NATIVITY” stating, “St. Isidore of Seville (d. 636) in his De Eccl. Officiis 1, 18, 4 explains the Canon with reference to the particular circumstances of the nativity of Christ, and says that in the anaphora the heavenly powers are invited to join with the earthly creatures and to sing the “Hosanna in excelsis” as it was sung when our Savior was born.”

On this day, too, in the Christ the King week -cycle calendar, we also observe Transfiguration (fully subsumed by the Mystery of the Eucharist). We think of the correlation in the transfiguration of Moses as he received the Commandment on the mountain as well; the correlation in the institution of the divine Word engraved upon a physical stone for the first time by God Himself, and of Jesus the divine being becoming physically the forms of Bread and Wine. Here too we contemplate the institution of the old covenant Priesthood in the fourth millennium age and the New Covenant Priesthood instated on this fourth day of the Christ the King week.

Manna and Quail: Eucharist: One major cause of world’s ongoing and coming chastisement

One of the graves reason why chastisement broke out among the Israelites was their scorning of the manna. Because they became disgusted with the manna, they brought serious chastisement from heaven, “But now we have lost our appetite; we never see anything but this manna!” … The Lord became exceedingly angry, and Moses was troubled…But while the meat was still between their teeth and before it could be consumed, the anger of the Lord burned against the people, and he struck them with a severe plague. Therefore, the place was named Kibroth Hattaavah, because there they buried the people who had craved other food” (Num.11). And we can see that they had to make a permanent memorial of that chastisement by preserving three very important things after the exile into the Promised Land (the Tablets of Law, the Manna and Aaron staff).

Similarly, one of the gravest reasons why the current age of the universe is being chastised (and going to be chastised) are the sacrileges and abuses of the Eucharist. Just as the Israel of old rejected and despised and scorned the first manna, the current world has also scorned the Second Manna, the Eucharist. After the purification of the universe, in the millennium era of Christ the King, the Sacred Scripture, the Eucharist, and the Priesthood will be the CenterPoint of the church and the universe and all streams of impurity that have been running in the universe, especially since the contamination of the second age, will be purged from the universe as we enter in the Era of Peace.

Fifth Millennium Period: CRUCIFIXION

(Major Events of this fifth millennium: Death of the Messiah Mat.27, Dawn of New Light of Resurrection, Destruction of the Temple 70 AD, Unification of Different Jewish sects in Christ through the First Pentecost Acts 2, Conversion of Paul Acts 9, etc.)

(Scriptural References on Jesus’ Presence in the Fifth Age: He is called the MAN OF SORROWS: (Isaiah 53:3) He is called OUR PASSOVER: (1 Corinthians 5:7)

In this age of the universe, there were many sins among Israel and other nations groped in the darkness of idolatry. The Twelve Tribes have divided. Persons still awaited the fulfilment of the prophesied Messiah who will save Israel from their sins. Many religious sects were existing. In this also, the Temple was destroyed, and a new is to be rebuilt.

Citation from God’s Foot is on the World: Christ the King: The Old and New Creation God’s Foot: Fifth Day’s creation of first bloody creatures (nucleated red blood living creatures) is reconciled with the Passion Day of Jesus when the Blood of Jesus Christ that sanctifies the whole creation was shed on the Cross of Calvary

Crucifixion Day. This day began on the eve of the fourth day with the Institution of the Eucharist. We also recall the quails (nucleated blood birds), which were sent after the manna had been sent). On the Crucifixion Day, He shed His Blood for the universe; His Blood ransomed them all and the entire universe. Upon the Cross, a sign was affixed, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, King of the Jews. Christ the King Cycle calendar teaches that Jesus has become the King of the entire earth, uniting all races and all creation by the Blood of His Cross. On this day, the veil in the temple was torn into two, the earthquake also damaged some parts of the temple. The temple of sacrifice has been destroyed. Jesus became the new temple. There is correlation in the fallen walls of Jericho for the entrance into the new kingdom of freedom and the parting of the veils and cracking of the walls of the temple for the entrance into the new Kingdom of Freedom in Christ. The Mystical Body of Christ the Church was formed from the side of Christ as He lay asleep.

Sixth Millennium Period: DESCENT TO HADES (abode of darkness)

(Major events of this sixth millennium: Gravest Darkness of the Universe Age, Missionary global spreading of the Light of the Gospel for salvation of souls, Apostasy, dark ages of Christianity, building of the Universal Church in Rome 1506-1615 AD, Splitting of the Christianity, Beginning of divine purification of the universe, etc.)

(Scriptural References on Jesus’ Presence in the Sixth Age: He is called the SHEPHERD AND BISHOP OF SOULS: (1 Peter 2:25) For ye were as sheep going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.)

The sixth age of the universe also has the period called the dark ages of the church. The darkness of idolatry resurfaced and dominated the earth, freemasonry, occultism, and atheism reigned over many nations and infiltrated the life of the entire universe. Historians have documented this millennium to contain the darkest period of human history, “History is full of stories of horrendous plagues, awful torture, contentious wars, battles of power and religious strife. It is no surprise the Black Death came out on top in this study; the symptoms included painful blisters, acute fever, vomiting of blood and eventually death. Similarly, The Inquisition was a very bloody chapter of European history. I have studied the different atrocious torture methods to extract confessions used throughout the era, which included water boarding, castration and beatings.” (The darkest periods of European history revealed | The Economic Voice, percentage chart of darkest events of the universe: Black Death (14th Century) – 50.8%” “This was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people. Symptoms included the appearance of painful blisters, acute fever, vomiting of blood and eventually death.” According to that history also world wars, inquisitions, more expansive slavery, graver anti-God revolutions (even some declaring God dead), etc., are among the top events of this period of human age. Also, it is the period of loss of faith as never has seen before. Previous ages believed in divine beings and had some level of worship, even though many of them were practicing idolatry, this millennium is where you have the greatest majority since the universe was created who say there is no God and live and make rules as if there is no God.)

Pictograph used for black death (It was like a strong attestation of the Jesus Week Cycle when I saw this picture included in the chart of the darkest period of human history of the age of the universe. Earlier in Christ the King Millennium Prayer Book, the Lord has assigned the sixth day as a day to pray for the dead in commemoration with the Lord Who is contemplated today in His descent to the realm of the dead. Also, we begin the vigil on this sixth day turning all lights off in the chapel or church as we believe it is the darkest day of the Jesus Week, and we conclude the vigil (already in the A.M. of Resurrection Day) by lighting and lifting seven candles for the seven continents of the universe, and the refulgence of light over the grave darkness.)

Citation from God’s Foot is on the World: Christ the King: The Old and New Creation God’s Foot: Sixth Day’s creation is the first family of humans. It is significant that at this last day of Christ’s ministry, the Church, the Bride of the Second Adam, was born from His pierced side as water and blood flowed out when He had fallen asleep just as on the last day of God’s creation, Eve, the bride of the first Adam, was taken from Adam’s side while he lay asleep. On this day also, we commemorate the full- ness of redemption of the dead and the living. Christ’s redemption did not end on Mount Calvary but was completed with the descent and freeing of souls in Hades.

Descent Day: Here we think about the Lord descending into Hades, the land of darkness to rescue souls. This helps to think of the missionaries who traveled all nations in this period, to preach salvation of souls. In the sixth millennium, many dispersed children of Israel forgot their God. The Mystical Body of Christ, the Church, sent out missionaries to the continents of the universe. Most specially, we think of Christ tarrying in the land of hades, a place of darkness to rescue souls held since the day of Adam. And this was succeeded by the glorious resurrection and brilliant Light. In the same way, this sixth period marked with the gravest dark events and tarrying in the longest chronicle of darkest events is succeeded by the millennium of greatest light and peace. A glorious Resurrection. Here too, many persons and the universe have gone through anguish and akin to Jesus on the last hour of His Life, they have moaned “My God, My God why have thou forsaken Me.” Here also we have seen an eclipse of faith in many persons and many places and many persons. And Jesus has asked, “when the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on earth.” When He returned from Hades, His Apostles had left, and He called them back. And another crack or collapse of walls will precede the New Pentecost.

Effects: The ceaseless weekly celebration of the Lord’s Descent in this Christ the King Millennium-era calendar makes endless reparation and satisfaction for all the sins of wars and atheism and rescues souls condemned to the place of purification because of these sins. In this way, the entire universe will be prepared for the last hour; universal emptying of souls and abolition of the place of purification is necessary in this seventh day (seventh millennium), this precedes the end of time (final judgment, Heaven or Hell).

Seventh Millennium Period: RESURRECTION (Sabbath)

(Major events of this seventh millennium: Pre-millennial purification, Binding of satan to the abyss for 1000years (Rev. 19 & 20), New (or Second) Pentecost and Unification of all religions in Christ, Sevenfold Light of Resurrection, A Renewed Universal Church built, New Era of Christ the King Calendar, Universal Peace (Isa.65), etc.)

(Scriptural References on Jesus’ Presence in the Seventh Age: He is called the MESSIAH: (Daniel 9:25) Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks).

The eve of seventh millennium has begun with the ongoing purification of the sixth millennium. With His Resurrection, He cast His beautiful and bright Light to all creation again. As He comes back now, He will call all humanity back into one-fold in a New Pentecost. This is what the Jesus Calendar brings, a sevenfold resurgence of faith and light as never has been seen in any human age. 

That darkness inherited from Adam and Eve has been fighting with this Light and for some period again, He has been operating in hidden form. Now, in this seventh millennium, He is coming with His brilliant Light to make all things good, much more as it was in the beginning.

Citation from God’s Foot is on the World: Christ the King: The Old and New Creation God’s Foot: The seventh day rest of the Lord is reconciled with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, after He had gained final victory over death.

Sabbath: Resurrection Day. Purification precedes this reign of Christ the king. His light will fill the entire earth. Everyone will serve Him. Fallen sons of God and their prince, satan, will no longer be seen in the universe as the Son of God, and Prince of Peace reigns. The Holy Eucharist will be adored by all. His peace will fill the earth in proportion to persons’ implementation of His millennium reign calendar. He will be all in all in every day of this millennium more than the days of other ages of the universe. 

One Universal Renewed Body of Christ: The Lord prior to His crucifixion had said, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up” (Jn.2:19). Not only was His Body, the New Temple slayed, the Temple of Jerusalem was also destroyed soon after in that fifth millennium. As we think of that fifth millennium, sixth millennium, and now this seventh millennium, we contemplate His words. It is true that He referred to His Body and His Resurrection, but also, we will have the true lights of Resurrection shine sevenfold in the millennium whereby all humanity and religions become only one Church in Jesus Christ through the New Pentecost, the scandals that have plagued His Church will be purged, there will be no other god served on earth or any religion still seeking the way to God except in Him, the True Messiah, alone. In the Millennium Prayer Book, we have written how the Resurrection is the dawn of the eight-day, Eternal Life

Effects: The seven candles offered in the Christ the King Weekly cycle at the early hours of the Resurrection Day during the vigil, will ensure sevenfold presence of the light of Christ over the universe. Christianity will never have dark ages in the universe. The most glorious and brightest period of Christianity and the universe is thus here with us, the era of Peace, goodness, and holiness

“But even this night in the world shows clear signs of a dawn that will come, of a new day receiving the kiss of a new and more resplendent sun… A new resurrection of Jesus is necessary: a true resurrection, which admits no more lordship of death… In individuals, Christ must destroy the night of mortal sin with the dawn of grace regained. In families, the night of indifference and coolness must give way to the sun of love. In factories, in cities, in nations, in lands of misunderstanding and hatred the night must grow bright as the day, nox sicut dies illuminabitur, and strife will cease and there will be peace. —POPE PIUX XII, Urbi et Orbi address,March 2nd, 1957;

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