Hello Father, After praying the psalms you gave me, the house was finally sold and all the debts paid, just in time to stop our bank accounts from being frozen. We lost considerable money, but gained a deeper faith and trust in God and most of all his peace. Father I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to help in my distress. This has motivated me to return to praying the psalms, and to encourage others to do so. May God continue to use you to draw his people closer to him. God bless and keep you.
July 28, 2019
CMD I am writing to give testimony to the Great weekend with Fr. Ignatius Mary and the community. A little back round first. I had 2 knee replacements, the first in October 2018 and the second in February 2019. The recovery from the surgery has been ongoing. There are moments when it has been difficult rising as being in a sitting position for a period of time, especially when I am at Mass and leading the prayers with a team of parishioners. When at this weekend with Fr. Ignatius I had great difficulty rising from my seat after Fr.'s talk, and or Liturgy. Whet made it more difficult was getting into the auditorium from the entrance to the building. There is a chair lift that for some reason was not working and so I had to climb about 20 steps using my cane. I was very difficult especially when go down stairs. On Saturday we completed Mass which was so powerful, I was filled with enthusiasm and as I was walking toward Eileen, Secretary to Fr. Ignatius. She grabbed hold and me with great Joy and began to dance with me swinging me around in circles and I was filled with Joy. She brought me to my seat and sat me down. We were the in adoration to Our Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament on the altar. At completion of adoration Fr. Ignatius brought incense and holy oil to bless us and then would pray with us for success to our prayer intentions. When I went to Fr. Ignatius for prayer and laying on of hands, he placed his hands upon me and I was immediately thrown down in the Spirit. I lay on the floor for a period of time, and I felt enormous peace and tranquility. When I was assisted in rising I felt no pain in my legs and I began to dance and I continued to dance with no pain and GREAT JOY!!!! Today I was at Mass from 9:00 A.M. to 12:P.M. I had no pain on rising during Mass, and prayer time, followed by a Funeral Mass for a parishioner. I had ZERO pain. I am thanking GOD continually for this AWESOME HEALING!!!!! If I feel and slight discomfort, I thank God for HIS healing of me and the slight discomfort I feel leaves me Immediately. I am in AWE and THANKSGIVING TO GOD THRU FR.IGNATIUS Mary's Ministry. ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD!!!! AMEN!!!
Marie Reilly
Sacred Scripture Convocation July 19 and July 20, 2019
Awhile ago I had surgery on my right knee. Lately I've been going to physical therapy for the pain. Starting Friday at the start of the C.M.D. Convocation, not only my right knee, but also now my left knee were in excruciating pain and when I tried to stand, I was so unstable I had to sit down. I had asked Fr. Ignatius Mary when he would lay hands and pray over us, if I could stand in for a parishioner who is suffering terribly from a brain tremor. Father said of course. At the conclusion of the day, I went home so grateful for the prayer he had prayed for this faithful man. I went to sleep that night in pain. When I woke up he next day ALL PAIN was GONE and my stability restored. I thank GOD for the unexpected grace of His Healing Love for me.
Healing Mass from Barbara
Sacred Scripture Convocation July 19 and July 20, 2019
During the winter of 2016, I had slipped on black ice in the Park and Ride in Old Bridge NJ. I landeddirectly on my right shoulder and got up continuing to my bus. There was no pain only a twinge, as the day progressed, the pain became more acute and could not stretch my arm in certain positions and had to lower and slow down my exercise intensity and could not use a shoulder strap on my PC carrying case. I had gone to the Doctor who looked who said it looks like a tear on the shoulder and gave me a prescription for an X-Ray, which I never did afraid of orthoscopic surgery to correct it and possible lost days at work. I just assumed I would live with the pain. I went one of Fathers healing masses at Rahway New Jersey and just days afterwards, I noticed while exercising, the pain was diminishing and even increased my exercising back to where I was before the fall. To date, I still have no pain attributing the healing to Father Ignatius.
New Jersey
June 2019
About eight years ago, I was diagnosed with sciatica in my right leg. After physical therapy, the pain subsided a bit, but every time I drove my car for more than a half hour, the pain returned and would last for several days. About three months ago, however, I started having pain in my right leg every day, for most of the day, even when I didn't drive. The pain eventually became so bad that it would wake me up. I attended the March 30, 2019, healing Mass at Our Lady of Carmel Church. The pain in my right leg was severe during the Mass and I prayed to Jesus to lessen it. Fr. Ignatius prayed over me at the end of the Mass. When I returned to my pew, the pain disappeared. It is nearly three weeks now and the pain has not returned, even after I drove over two hours one day. I thank Jesus for healing me and for Fr. Ignatius.
Woodbridge, NJ
March 30, 2019
On March 30th I attended Fr. Ignatius Mary healing Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. While Father was laying hands on me for healing he saw me crying and he gently grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear, you have to forgive!. So, my friend next to me said that my husband was killed by a drunk driver about a year ago. Father then said the first time he saw me he knew. He also said your husband’s soul is in the hand of God. I also experienced headaches for the last 3 months. I was supposed to go to a party that night but was so shaken, I went straight home and prayed all night asking Jesus for forgiveness. I only met this priest once before. How did he know I needed to forgive? And the next day, my headaches were all gone and I felt a peace. I saw very clearly. Praise Jesus! and thank you Father Ignatius.
Forgiveness-Healing Mass
March 30th, 2019 Woodbridge, NJ
Father, thank you so much for such a very powerful healing and homily. One of the members of our prayer group received instant healing. Praise the Lord! For several weeks she can’t raise her right arm. She had tear in her shoulder due to fall. After you prayed over her she was able to raise her right arm. God is so good!’ Once again, thank you so much Father. May God cover you always with His most precious blood, in Jesus Name. Amen!
March 30, 2019

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