Take REFUGE in Christ Today through Jesus-Week-Cycle

Jesus is the Word of God, and the Word has taken a Body, Incarnate. The time is now!   Therefore, whatever is written here, in the REFUGE, should not be seen as a theoretical concept or just theologizing. Understand that we are living real times with real consequences which are developing each day.   The battle to erode Christ from the earth has already begun by the antichrist who developed and has been executing his plan long before the events we see before us today. 

God allowed the antichrist the latitude to start the process of purification by eliminating the Word of God (the bible) from schools under the guise of freedom (secularization).  Going further, the antichrist used his minions to put pressure to remove the Ten Commandments from public forums, Christian holidays, Crucifixes and Crosses removed under “ inclusion and secular philosophy”. “It may be offensive to other religions.”  Again, satan cannot do anything without getting permission from God (the hearts of the majority of humanity have turned away from Him, these things have occurred by human cooperation with satan).  Each passing day you see more and more attacks against the Church and the disintegration of Christian Faith, even within the Mystic Body of the Church.  It will be very soon when JESUS CHRIST (the LORD AND the KING of heaven and the Universe) will be removed from everything except your heart.  The consequences will be horrific for a period prophesized.  However…

 The Lord has given us a refuge in the Jesus-Week-Cycle in preparation for these times we are living.  Through this, His Images, Solemnities, and Mysteries are enshrined in the human heart.  To live the Jesus-week-cycle will promote a Christ centered religion which will resonate and spread wherever the individual who is practicing goes. 

Some years after the book “God’s Foot is on the World” was published, a CMD member shared a book that was published over a century ago with me.   This book reinforced what was written through the Holy Spirit about the importance of the refuge which was posted on the CMD website. This author, Fr. Arminjon, explained the reign of the antichrist, stating, “Lastly, it is written that the pride of the man of sin will be boundless. He will open his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name, His tabernacle, and the saints in Heaven. Daniel says that he will think himself entitled to abolish times and laws, et putabit quod possit mutare tempora et leges. [62] That is, he will suppress feasts and Sunday observance, alter the order of months and the length and division of weeks, and remove Christian names from the calendar, replacing them… He will make away with the Cross and every religious symbol.”

God’s calendar, Jesus-Week-Cycle, is this REFUGE for our times. Already in God’s Foot is on the World, God’s divine design is outlined. Thus, this REFUGE is for all in our times and as we journey into the next 1000 years.  As the antichrist continues to progress in his plan as prophesied, God is already planting His seeds for the New Millennium though His chosen by providing a REFUGE which is the “ceaseless adoration of Christ. 


 (And Temples of God in the New Era of Peace)

Many are looking for places of refuge as we approach a new era, an era that is preceded by ongoing purification that will cause desolation in some places. Some persons are building or buying homes around the areas they believe are the places of refuge. Christ the King-Week-Cycle calendar is the refuge in the purification; and after the purification, it will be the new temple of God on earth.  (see CMDORG.org, or the book GOD’S FOOT IS ON THE WORLD, for the seven-day millennium calendar, the Refuge of God for our time and afterwards). Through the founder of CMD, the Holy Spirit, Communitas Mater Domini CMD has received the Christ the King Week Cycle  which is incorporated in our daily lives each day.  When a person is Christ centered and living the Jesus-Week-Cycle, they are a refuge.   People do not need to run to the mountains or away from cities during the purification; they need to live in the dwelling of the Jesus-Week-Cycle. It doesn’t matter how much stockpiled food or supplies one has if they are NOT repentant.  A person will not escape the purification unless sealed by God who deems them worthy.  For some consecutive times, in these recent years, I have received Zechariah 5. It talks about the Flying Scroll, “I have sent it forth, says the Lord of hosts, and it will enter the house of anyone who commits perjury in My name. It will lodge inside such a house and consume it” (Zech.5:4). There is no part of the world or city that has not been permeated by sin. Therefore, persons should not think that it is enough to run to places or houses of refuge while they have not made Christ the center of their daily life.

Christ the King-Week-Cycle is the building in which one lives in Christ and Christ in the person; also, through it, everything is continuously consecrated to Christ the King.  It is the fulfillment of the Divine Will, which is the manifest reign of Jesus Christ the King in all things, “as it is done in Heaven.” This is the goal for which the Church is founded, “We are called only to become one with Him…to accomplish in ourselves the stages of Jesus’ life and His mysteries and often beg Him to perfect and realize them in us…This is His plan” (CCC, nn.519-521). Thus, on several occasions, the Blessed Virgin Mary has referred to Jesus-centered-week-cycle calendar as her Immaculate Heart. “While in prayer, I desired to know the fuller meaning of the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart. She then explained what it means, “Everything is consecrated to My Son, everything.” (Fr. Ignatius Mary, See God’s Foot is on the World). And then she says, “CMD is my Immaculate Heart” (see documentary, Sunrise of a New Era, The Ark from Africa). “My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.” And this seems to explain Pope Benedict’s words, “the Immaculate Heart of Mary means to embrace this attitude of heart, which make the fiat — ‘your will be done’ — the defining center of one’s whole life.” Therefore, people embracing this cycle enter into refuge of her Immaculate Heart.

Just as in the call of Noah, all are invited to enter into the Ark, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Christ-centered life dwelling.  The purification of the universe has already begun like the first drops of a rain storm preceding a torrential down poor and flooding.  The people at the time of Noah were not concerned, in fact, they mocked and belittled Noah and his family.  Until, they saw the floods coming and they were horrified of their ignorance and reaped the rewards of their choices.  The Jesus-Week-Cycle is the refuge for the times of the purification, our flood.  It is also the refuge of the Immaculate Heart which will protect us against the anti-Christ.


Many have described it as the “JESUS-CULTURE” and some others “the civilization of the new millennium era.” It is given as the advanced civilization of Christ, uniting all things in Christ: creation, redemption, and eternity; it will last until the fullness of time.

God’s completion of creation in seven days is unique to the Holy Trinity and is the only perpetual calendar. In Jesus Christ the King, He did not just redeem fallen creation, He elevated it therefore becoming the new creation. For this reason, the Mysteries of Christ have become the center of each day created by God which creates the seven-day millennium calendar. Christ the King prayer calendar reclaims all creation to Jesus Christ. There is a Mystery of Day and the practical action required for each day in this millennium reign of Christ calendar.

Monday -Annunciation and Visitation

Meditate on the light from heaven announcing the end of dominion of darkness that had enveloped creation after the fall of man.  Practical Action (Members of CMD accompany Blessed Mother Mary in living these Mysteries of Christ): Visitation:  visit prisons, sick or home bound.

First Day’s creation of Light out of darkness (Gen.1),  Praise God for the creature of this day.

Tuesday- Nativity and Dedication

Meditate on the miracle of Christ’s birth, the joy it has brought to the world; also in union with the exaltation of the Magi, observe the full devotion to Christ the King today.  Pray to St. Joseph after midnight of today, honoring the escape to Egypt.

Second Day’s creation of “dome.” Praise God for the creature of this day.

Wednesday- Baptism and Public Ministry

Mediate on the new life of Baptism in Jesus Christ. We also recall that after the Baptism of Jesus, He went into the wilderness for silence and prayer. Today, we observe some moments of silence (at least 30 minutes) to accompany Jesus in the wilderness; also fast on bread and water for at least the first half of the day. Observe the full devotion to the Sacred Word of God afterwards.

Third Day’s creation of dry lands, body of water, and plants (Gen.1:9). Praise God for the creature of this day.

Thursday – Institution of the Holy Eucharist

The Fourth Day’s creation of daylight and night darkness helps us meditate on Christ’s Institution of the Holy Eucharist. After the Institution of the Holy Eucharist( LIGHT)  the night of His sorrow began in Gethsemane ( DARK).  Today make room to have adoration to the Holy Eucharist (at least an hour); also, observe Gethsemane Hour around 11pm.

Fourth Day of Creation God Created Night, Sun, Moon and Star (GEN 1:14-19); Thank God for the sun, stars, day, night. Praise God for the creatures of this day.

Friday-Passion and Death

Today meditate on the Crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ; fast (for people able to fast) and abstinence from meat.  Stations of the Cross before 4pm.

Friday-Fifth Day of Creation God Created Sea Creatures and Birds of Sky (GEN 1:20-23).   Praise God for the creatures of this day

Saturday- Descent to Hades

Devotion to Mary: Do I have a relationship with the Mother of Jesus, whom He gave from the Cross? Pray for Souls in Purgatory. Spend time contemplating the sorrows of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Sixth Day of Creation God created land animals and humans Praise God for creatures of this day


We give praise and worship all evening with thanksgiving for the miracles and graces that have been received over the face of the earth. We exalt in the Word of God spoken in all churches throughout the world.

Day of Rest. Praise God for human creativity enhancing rest.

How Is Jesus Week Cycle Calendar The Refuge Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary?

After the completion of the Jesus-Week-Cycle, the Holy Spirit revealed a distinct and radiant Light which was also included on the cover page design of the Book that explains the Christ the King- Week -Cycle. The Blessed Mother revealed that her Immaculate Heart, a Mother’s Heart, was the refuge for her children.  The connection between the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Christ the King-Week-Cycle calendar revealed the vision of the children at Fatima.  “Once again, the children received the brilliant light from Mary’s hands, the children felt like they were immersed in God when this light came to them. This time, they also had a vision that showed some of the light going up to Heaven with Francisco and Jacinta in it. Another part of the light was spreading across the earth, with Lucia in it.” (afc.org, June 13 Fatima Apparition). This “enveloping light” seems to explain what she meant by her Immaculate Heart as the refuge and the pathway, safe haven to her Son. By the direction of the Holy Spirit, we had written about Jesus-Week-cycle calendar as the guiding and enveloping Light, “Jesus-Week-Cycle furthers the ontological development of the Church… the movement towards the Christification of the universe; a movement that is expected to graduate from different levels of “dawn” into various levels of “brightness.” this spirituality is a consistent gradual immersion into the Light of Christ. It is the true enlightenment movement since it leads us to Christ, the True Light of the world…By living in the Mysteries of Christ daily, one is purified or bathed in the light of Christ as to live in the Eternal Light of Christ… Just like the daylight that begins with twilight and gradually becomes complete radiance, the millennium of Christ reign will see His light gradually unfold. One generation will be better than the other (as the evil one is bound) until, like in the gradual process of the manifestation of the pure bred, a generation filled with the light of Christ will then fill the world. To the extent the Jesus-week-cycle is lived and implemented by individuals, families, communities, nations, and entire creation, the Holy Spirit will continuously make the light of Christ brighter and the reign of peace more manifest. Just like children advancing in some ways beyond their parents or ancestors, the progress of the universe will not only be physiological but towards God; one generation will be better advanced in the assimilation and manifestation the Light of Christ than a generation that precedes it through these 1000 years… Also we can see from the scale of human deterioration in these past decades, one generation incubating and exacerbating the evil of a previous generation, the Light of Christ penetrates all things more than ever in this millennium. Blood lines will be purified, giving way to the purest among the family line.  This is reminiscent of what the Lord had revealed to (CMD).  We can plead His Blood over every family and continue to plead His Blood until it washes the sin away through the generation of that family tracing it back to the original line of Adam and Eve before their fall.  Every family originated from this family and blood lines will be purified; sickness, hardness of heart, and maladjustments that have become c     condensed within bloodlines due to a long time of incubation, will also receive the penetration of the Light of Christ that heals everything. The reign of Christ will not only be a positive reversal of the evil we have seen in the world now but will elevate the world to a beauty that has only been revealed in this millennium.” (God’s Foot is on the World: Christ the King Millennium Reign Begins, pp.362-374).

The transformations and major effects that will occur in people, families, cities, nations and the entire world by living and breathing the Jesus-Week-Cycle are endless as we strive to be closer to God and His paradise of love.  As an individual is enlightened with the Light of Christ, the light will penetrate, purge, heal, and renew everything therefore, becoming an instrument of peace and love for the Lord.

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