By serving the messengers of God, Abraham and Sarah ended the drought of hope on their family and the entire world (Gen.18:1-15). Similarly, by sharing her little resources with the messenger of God, the widow of Zarephath unlocked the rivers of God’s blessings (I Kg.17:7-17). Jesus says, “if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is My disciple, truly I tell you, he will never lose his reward” (Mat.10:42).

Currently our seminarians live in overcrowded rented buildings. We would need to build a Monastery that will help us to form the seminarians in a suitable environment of prayer and cloister. We will be grateful if anyone would help us in this way. In one of the buildings, we have up to eight to six students in single small room. In many of these rooms we use double spring beds (one sleeping below and the other sleeping above). Because we have a spirituality of 24 hours Rosary, sometimes, the ones sleeping above interrupt the sleep of the one sleeping below as they go to Mater Domini Community Mary’s room for their midnight/night shift. Furthermore, as a contemplative community we need an environment that facilitates contemplation, prayer, and cloister (thus, we are preparing ceaselessly that God grants us benefactors to build our proposed monastery). Our seminarians produce most of the food they eat from the farms donated to us. Many of our students are from poor families and we regret to see them leave Mater Domini Community because they cannot afford the seminary tuition. For the fact that we have less than 10% sponsorship of the students, we use most of the sponsors’ money to provide food, electricity, transportation, medical treatment, etc to the students. Our desire is to have a benefactor for each student so that we can pay the tuition of each student.

Dear Friend, a saying has it that the hand that offers flowers never goes back unperfumed. Thus, if the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother inspire the desire in your heart for renewal in the Church, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the reign of Christ the King, kindly assist us financially by adopting one of this new breed of missionaries who are called together by God. Like the family of Abraham and the Widow of Zarephath, may God bless your family line with mercy, forgiveness, and favor.

Be one of the First to sponsor a CMD Seminarian for only $2500.00 per year

$1,000.00 pays for one year of school.
$1,000.00 for food and shelter.
$500 books
This is a 10-year program.

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