Saying It as It Came

When the Lord told the Apostles to watch and pray, His intention was to help them overcome the wind of temptation. It was not merely to keep Him company because He had Angels strengthening Him. It was for their own good. And they could not keep their eyes open to pray, and this was the consequence, “Then all His disciples deserted Him and ran away” (Mk.14:50.)

There are certain trials that your insufficient preparation cannot sustain a victory; certain conditions of commitment must be met. Persons conversant with weather technology know that a specific strength of reinforcement is needed if a house would not be blown off by an approaching wind. In the same way, there are certain temptations our souls cannot gain victory when our bodies are not fortified. Any time the Lord asks us to fast and pray, it is for our own good. Persons can become victors or victims depending on the strength of their fortification. Grace does not mean a careless abandonment (doing nothing) but applying a revealed knowledge gratefully. Remember this season!

See Important Passages Given: Psalms 112. 50, 51.7; Jeremiah 13, 14, 7.Fr.

Ignatius Mary ( TMTJ

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