Volunteer for the Immaculate Heart Rosary Clock

Members of CMD community have volunteered for a perpetual Rosary since 2016; in a recent publication, it was recounted, “We embarked on the Retreat at the World Apostolate of Fatima-USA (04/15/2016 – 04/17/2016) … we suggested a 24-hour rosary. The Postulants and some Aspirants of CMD joyfully committed themselves. The CMD monasteries had two students who were assigned to say the Rosary in the room of Mary every hour. There is a perpetual non-stop Rosary” (God’s Foot is on the World). Currently, we want to expand the global call to honoring Mary in perpetual Rosary clock. We are in the era of the glorious triumph of her Immaculate Heart. You can volunteer one hour in a week when you can say the Immaculate Heart Rosary. This will be of help for the seminarians who are scheduled many times during the week, and they need more time for schoolwork and other formation curriculum. We use this Immaculate Heart Rosary (given in 2014) for the most part of the Rosary clock. At the hour you have volunteered, you can say the Rosary privately.
We also pray the Flame of Love Rosary on the prayer line every 6am, 12pm, 6pm, and 12am (We invite you to the prayer line on these hours to say the FOL together with us).

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