Remedy to a Faint Spirit

The Saints teach us to bloom and blossom wherever we are planted (St. Theresa of Avila.) We can be fruitful in every condition and place. This scriptural verse is inspiring, “When the dove returned to him in the evening, there in its beak was a freshly plucked olive leaf! Then Noah knew that the water had receded from the earth.” (Gen.8:11) Even when everything was deluged in the flood, except the family of Noah who were in the Ark, the olive tree that the dove brought remained fresh under the water.

The olive tree supplies oil. We use oil in the administration of the Sacraments, for instance confirmation and ordination. Oil is a sign of the Holy Spirit, the seal of God upon our lives (CCC.695.) When anyone is doing what is right, giving God what truly belongs to Him, putting all His trust in God rather than solely on human beings, nothing can stop the light in this person from shinning, nothing can hinder the person from blossoming. Israel is an example; even while they were oppressed, the Scriptures say they multiplied and flourished more than their oppressors (Ex.1:2.) Consider Daniel too, even while he did not have the best of food and delicacies, he looked healthier and fresher than those who ate from the sumptuous rich table of dependence on the king (Dan.1:15.) As in Daniel’s case, so also it was for the three young men in the furnace of fire (Dan.3.)

As long as we depend on persons in positions of influence or political affiliations, we may not get the help from God, nor blossom in this life. This does not make us disrespectful or isolate us from the help we can get from persons because the respect towards God manifests also in the respect towards other persons. However, the teaching is that even when persons refuse you what is due to you; when persons become instruments of the adversary to create a situation of oppression against you, if you have good relationship with the Holy Spirit, like the olive leaf, you always be fresh and fruitful. Certainly, some environments are toxic by nature and could affect fruitfulness, but this condition happens only when we do not have a good relationship with the Holy Spirit. With the Holy Spirit, In every condition, we will see Light, and situations that are midnight for others, will be daylight for us. He is the pilar of fire brightening our steps. His wisdom and benevolence provide us with employment in all conditions. We can never be idle or disgruntled. Consider this, and discern it in the spirit: the reason why you are not doing well right now, the reason why are not interiorly happy at this moment, the reason why you are being stopped right now may not be because of what ‘they’ are not doing for you or what they are not giving to you, the reason largely comes from not depending or seeking help from the True Helper, the Holy Spirit.  

I do not underestimate the sincere effort of some persons that do not produce success in our current world as in some countries, leaders and company owners are increasingly becoming self-serving. However, should we succumb to despair? There is only one condition that can change the situation, and I parenthesized in two words, “With God.” There are many things that we can do from where we are now, avenues to access knowledge of ways of self-employment, but only “with God.” Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Mat.19:26.) In the economy of Divine Providence, there is no unemployment. Our just God did not leave anyone void of talents and possibilities. But persons can close the doors of possibilities and ‘unemploy’ themselves as they envy other persons’ talents or positions, and thus, become like the man in the Gospel passage of today (Mat.25:14-30) who buried his talent because he did not receive 5 or 2 talents.

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