WALKING HANDS OF NEUCLOCK, not just as coincidence


“A clock that ticks left to right does not harmonize with nature and the divine. The era of peace comes with harmony in nature in the design of God the creator. Disharmony is caused when evil becomes good and good is perceived as evil, as we see growing darker each day. It goes against the natural tide and makes life spin against its natural rhythm which causes distress, similar to a fish swimming against the current… Thus, the simple “sign” of turning unto the Light, conveys a reality that signifies obedience to God, a return to the friendship with God which restores friendship with neighbors and all creatures. Lucifer turned away from the Light and led our first parents to turn away from God as they hid themselves when they had sinned, and that sign introduced enmity towards God – a sign of rebellion… The walking hands of the clock represents the motion and walking of humans and entire creation… Metanoia (reverse) does not mean going backwards but turning unto life, love, and peace…NEUCLOCK has a sublime supernatural effect (bringing all creation back to God, as everything follows the hand of the clock that walks in the direction of the sun, the LIGHT, rather than walking in the shadows.) … It sets our hearts on the path of return of the Lord and Messiah, “The focus of Neuclock is not just on the sun but on the Son of God, Who is the Light of the world, “As long as I am in the world, I am the Light of the world” (Jn.9:5)” (Neuclock, pp.1-7).

The infiltration of freemasons in the world and the church has compromised wrong as right and right as wrong, and the reason why the secrecy is detailed in this presentation of the Neuclock is because their time has come to an end, any darkness exposed to light has no more presence (Neuclock, pp.17, 25). A New Pentecost and Renewed Church is at the door as well as new Christ-centered universe where peace and harmony rule. The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the structural design of the Neuclock, which is ticking in our hearts already… The clock starts at 6. The order of the first timepiece created by God (Genesis 1), is marked by sunrise and sunset

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