Manifold graces of reconciliation and peace are currently being poured upon the earth by the Holy Spirit as never before, a New Pentecost: graces that soften hearts; graces that inspire new ways of peaceful reconciliation. We are going to see a manifest golden era; let everyone cooperate in this. Even when some persons make the triumph of peace so difficult, do not give up or retaliate because Christ Himself will show signs. We all will be united, not just universal conformity in Truth, but unification in Truth. The Lord, Melchizedek has come to reveal Himself. This book is His Grace for unity. With God all things are possible. Universal peace comes through universal communion in the Messiah; the communion starts on individual heart and circulates in the universal heart. It pleases God to unite all things together in a manifest reign of Christ the King as never has been seen, and this is the triumph of Divine Will. Christ the King’s Golden Era defeats universal Babel with a NEW PENTECOST!

Come and get to know the new sanctuary of God and be transformed into a living shrine of light and love. The intention is that everyone gets the transformation and the garment of the new era as they read these 42 days’ events with faith…In this book, we see how God imprints extraordinary graces and symbols through ordinary stories. Therefore, the personal, family, communal, national, continental, and universal stories shared in this book contain a leaven that bring graces and transformation to persons, families, communities, nations, continents, and entire universe…As we have explained at the end of this book, many of the events recorded here, especially towards the end of the year 2022 are done by divine prompting, some of the mysteries and events herein will have people in the future looking at this book for more clarification. At the end of this book, the symbol of 42 that you will see, amazed all of us who were involved in the production of this book.

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