During the designing of this Rosary, the Blessed Mother appeared more frequently in the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and in regalia holding a scepter.  One could visualize her arraigned for a combat, and with her Son, a reign of majesty. The Blessed Mother frequently referred to her words at Fatima, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph” and thus the description, “Immaculate Heart Rosary.” She designed every detail of the rosary including the lapis lazuli beads. It was revealed that this particular stone “lapis lazuli blue” was the color of the “Word” of God and Our Lady’s color which she is often depicted.  There is a definite correlation between the Old Testament and New Testament referring to the color “blue” and its significance.  She requested that “luminous beads” be used, and we kept hearing, “lighting up the world.” As instructed, the Blessed Mother requested that each decade should have twelve Hail Mary(s) – reminiscent of the Twelve Tribes of Israel (all nations).  The original image of Our Lady of Guadeloupe had a 12-pointed crown. CMD recites the Rosary of the Five Key Mysteries of Redemption commemorating the fullness of Christ each day (beginning from the birth of Jesus to the birth of the Church, His Mystical Body, which is significant in the millennium reign of Jesus Christ. After the release of the rosary and praying the decades, I was struck one afternoon to hear, Rev.12: 5 and the Sacred Scripture. These are the words, “She gave birth to a male child, one who is to rule all the nations.”

(Kindly see SUNRISE OF A NEW ERA: THE ARK OF GOD FROM AFRICA on YouTube or for more detail)

Compendium of Marys Glorification

There is numerous comingling in this Rosary.

It has comingling of planetary objects in this Rosary. Images of the star, moon (in its different sizes), and a significant rainbow were revealed (see CMD Immaculate Heart Rosary video).

The Blessed Virgin Mary guided our attention to the comingling of two large beating hearts inseparably united together and eight rays emanating from these united hearts, signaling the new regeneration.

The Immaculate Mater Domini Prayer comprises of many of the facets of the Divine Will for the millennium era of the reign of Jesus Christ the King.

The Immaculate Heart Rosary contains a symphony of all the Marian major public apparitions. Our Lady of Guadalupe Mexico appears at the First Decade: NATIVITY. Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal appears at Second Decade: THE INSTITUTION OF THE HOLY EUCHARIST. Our Lady of Lourdes appears at the Third Decade: THE CRUCIFIXION AND DEATH OF JESUS CHRIST. Our Lady of Fatima appears at the Fourth Decade: THE RESURRECTION. The image of the Blessed Mother at Pentecost is placed on the Fifth Mystery: THE DESCENT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Her apparition in the form of a Crowned Queen carrying a Crowned King-Child appeared many times towards the end of the designing of this Rosary.

The major Marian attributes/dogmas, and roles are intrinsically and chronologically unveiled in the five decades of the Rosary. First Decade (the pregnant Mother of God (Rev.12: 1-2; Second Decade (Perpetual Virgin); Third Decade (Immaculate Conception); Fourth Decade (Assumption), and Fifth Decade ((Mediatrix and Advocatrix).  We pray that her recognized attributes satisfy the five offenses against the Immaculate Heart.

Structure of the Immaculate Heart Rosary

The structural design of this Rosary was also given by the Blessed Mother. There are significant reasons why the first mystery of the Rosary stands apart, unlike other regular Rosaries where the five mysteries are connected in the same block; we do not know all the reasons. However, one impression is that the Nativity of the Lord had a long journey and distancing to the other four mysteries that happened 33 years afterwards (the Last Super, Mount Calvary, Garden of Resurrected, and the Pentecost). Similarly, the Blessed Mother’s public apparitions have a unique geographical distancing and timing. The first major one in Guadalupe, Mexico in the 1500s and took a long span before she appeared in Paris France (a transatlantic long route as well), followed by Rue du Bac Paris (1830), Lourdes (1858), and Fatima (1917), and some other apparitions (in the same geographical block of Europe and closely related timing).

Sometime, after the design of this Rosary was completed, still pondering on the structure on the structural look of the Rosary, I found what was interesting in a book on the Life of Blessed Virgin Mary, “At the hour when Jesus was born, I saw a wonderful vision which appeared to the three holy kings. These kings were star-worshippersThey saw a beautiful rainbow over the moon, which was in one of its quarters. Upon the rainbow a Virgin was enthroned; her right foot was resting on the moon. To the left of the Virgin, on the rainbow, was a vine, and on the right, a sheaf of wheat. In front of the Virgin, I saw the form of chalice, shaped like the one used by Our Lord at the institution of the Blessed Sacrament. It seemed to rise up or to issue more clearly out of the radiance surrounding it. I saw a little child coming forth out of this chalice, and above the child a transparent disc, like an empty monstrance, from which rays like ears of wheat proceeded. (Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich, p.206). The citation seemed to recapitalize composition and composition of the Rosary (including the size of the moon that we were guided to place at the Nativity, see video of the Rosary), and even the sequence of the decades. The Mystery of the Eucharist at the centerpiece of this Immaculate Heart Rosary has some providence with the prophecies and some teachings on the millennium reign of Christ, civilization of love, and the Eucharistic church (kindly read, The Triumph, the Second Coming, and The Eucharistic Reign, Fr. Gobbi, June, 1996).”

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