These parenthesized short phrases have tarried long as they were placed upon my heart. I needed to say them now and they will help someone make true discernment; some of them will also help someone steer away from a snare already placed on his/her way.

“Silence is God’s network signal for communication.”

Commentary: I trust that this short phrase above will take one into the closet of prayerful solitude. The Lord wants to speak to you; He is eager to do so. Turn on the signal.

“Be careful to know when a friendship is turning into enmity. Whatever assumes the position of liquidating God’s radiance or flow of grace is no longer friendship. And cooperating in sin does that in all forms.”

Commentary: Oftentimes, we liquidate God’s flow of blessings. May this be known to us. Blessings naturally flow back to their sources like a river flowing back to its origin. Many of us have been to a beach and have seen how ripples flow back and forth from the ocean to the shores and back into the ocean. There is a natural law of gravity and proclivity controlling this. When God blesses persons through us, we are just a channel. His fountain is running through us. These persons who have been blessed through us, by law of proclivity, want to return blessings to the fountain that blessed them.  Often, they think it is us. But we must make sure that we do not take the honor of being the source, thereby receiving their priciest gifts or absorbing the praises they bring to us. These belong to the Fountain-Source. Let us lead them quickly to Him.

CAUTION: On many occasions, according to human basic psychology, some persons who have no money to offer back in thanksgiving for blessings received through us, may think offering their bodies may be the priciest commodity to show gratitude. They may be sincere about this as they offer their bodies in exchange because of the law of proclivity to the fountain source. However, their sincerity and love could be inimical if we succumb to this exchange of gratitude. The fountain of blessing flowing through us could be liquidated by the Fountain-Source. He does not condone unrighteousness and impurity. Hopefully many persons in ministry understand this. They will continue to be that vessel of gold through whom the fountain of blessings, Holy Spirit and His anointing keep flowing. Also, persons in various socio-economic and political positions, lifted by God, as bosses should understand that God can lift them higher. However, they must not allow the fountain of blessing to be liquidated.  They should not accept bribes nor recompense themselves in accepting commodity of immoral gratification. God wants to lift many persons higher.  

“You do not light a bulb by placing it upon a lit bulb.’

Commentary: This is also important. When persons are attracted to us because of the fragrance of sanctity, the glow, or the blessings upon us, let us direct them to the source of the current transmitting the fragrance or glow seen upon us. Jesus Christ the King is the Source of all light. Lead them to embrace, kiss, and romance Jesus rather than you. Your body cannot transmit the light that is attracting them to you; and the kiss and romance should be the Lord’s alone. Many who understand this wisdom will not have their glow dim down or face a blackout. May the Lord be honored and may the glow be constant. Cut off from HIM, and the fragrance is gone (Jn.15:5.)

“The lavish love of Delilah unwearyingly poured upon Samson is a silhouetted trojan horse, a gift in exchange for his two eyeballs plucked and placed upon a platter/plate, a vendetta for her ancestral gods.”

Commentary: Someone could be hankering around them now and they do not know the intention to unseat them, disable their potentialities, or even destroy their marriages. All that glitters is not gold. And of course, nothing good comes from illegitimacies. Some ministers of God have preached on topics that brought down the strongholds of territorial idols/demons; how they quickly forget that even innocent persons can be used to orchestrate vengeance by the idols/demons in these territories.

In all these phrases above, wisdom vindicates itself (Lk.7:35.) As such, I also request that these phrases and commentaries may not be misapplied to mistrust persons who are genuinely grateful or attracted to us. All kind-expressions and love are not ill-intentioned. But we must be discerning.

Fr. Ignatius of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (

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