God's Ways of Vindication

“But wisdom is vindicated by all her children.” Lk.7:35

I start stating these words above and would also request that you kindly read the context from Luke 7. Oftentimes, God does new things, and many understand them, for others they are foolishness and insane. The messenger then becomes maligned (but God shows the messenger all that are said about him or her, holding his or her heart from slumbering.) Many do not know that someone who is writing something that is not familiar to them only reports what is being revealed. Yes, it should be vetted, but must it be vetted through ridicule, grieving the Holy Spirit? My intention is to help persons to be mindful of their words since none of us possesses all the knowledge of God’s ways and what the Holy Spirit is doing. Hopefully this helps.


For some years, the Lord has revealed the celebration of the Sacred Scriptures that He has revealed through the mission that I became one of the messengers. It has pleased Him to unite all faiths in Christ Jesus Christ in this time, given other Faiths a leeway of coming into the Church. He has also chosen the means and messengers to bring the New Pentecost.


Just yesterday (8/23/23), by Divine Providence, I was guided to read this, “Simchat Torah or Simhat Torah (Hebrew: שִׂמְחַת תּוֹרָה, lit., “Rejoicing with/of the Torah”, Ashkenazi: Simchas Torah) is a Jewish holiday that celebrates and marks the conclusion of the annual cycle of public Torah readings… is also uniquely characterized by the calling up of each member of the congregation for an aliyah… each circuit is announced by a few melodious invocations imploring God to Hoshiah Na (“Save us”) and ending with the refrain, Aneinu B’yom Koreinu (“[God] answer us on the day we call”)…[persons before the reading of the passages/books of the Torah] recites a blessing for reading of the Torah. After the portion of the Torah is read, the recipient recites another blessing…[Simchat Torah are mostly done in some days of the week and as special celebration in the month of Tishrei]… Mondays and Thursdays, Hanukkah, Purim, fast days, afternoon readings for Shabbat (saturdays) and Yom Kippur” (see Simchat Torah – Wikipedia; Aliyah (Torah) – Wikipedia


Some persons who have seen us praising God in the recitation of the Sacred Scripture Chaplet on thursdays, saturdays, etc will understand why (this schedule has been online for few years now, see prayer schedule for Eucharist (thursdays) and Descent to Hades (saturdays) days [Prayers – CMD ORG cmdorg.org/prayers/.) Normally we have persons (aliyah) reading from each book of the Bible followed by a prayer of blessing and refrain. How stunned I was, yesterday, to see that by divine predilection we have been guided to the same days in the practice of Judeo-Christian roots. It was also revealing to know that outside of the weekly Simchat, there is a special month when this is done for some continuous days, reminiscent of the Sacred Scripture weekly devotion and month of Novena and Convocation.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Mat.5:5)

Fr. Ignatius of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (cmdorg.org) TMTJ

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