Christ's Millennium Reign - Peace Prayer

Eternal Father of all Beatitude, Jesus the Prince of Peace, and Holy Spirit, the Giver of Peace; through the intercession of Mary, Mother of Peace, grant that holiness and peace may embrace within the hearts and walls of (mention your organization/family). That Divine Love may inebriate our souls. That I may constantly present myself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as to consume every dross of superficiality in my heart, as gold in refining fire.

Like Cephas, that as a member of this (mention your organization), I may heed the Lord and sheath my sword against my brother (sister), and never to fall into the humiliation of raising my hand against my brother (sister). That I may be constantly vigilant against the serpent crouching at the heart of Cain, and never to murder my brother (sister) by defamation or blood. That I may not allow any darkness in my soul; that I may dismiss resentment and the poison of hatred against my (brother) sister as quickly as I would get rid of virulent vinegar upon my tongue; that in the sanctuary of my heart, the poison of hatred and grievances may be transformed into love, and the fire of revenge extinguished by the dews of forgiveness.

That I may decrease as Jesus increases in me; that I may put my personal likes, desires, preferences aside, and seek the Will of God first. That I may embrace Divine Will in loving a (brother) sister who has maligned me; in working with a (brother) sister to whom I am not inclined. That I may make becoming a saint my only pursuit and never give in to the feeling of being unjustly treated even when others seem to be more favored in community(family)distribution of goods or appointments. Like St. Francis, that I may sow seeds of love where there’s hatred and embrace the heartbeat of the agape-community, where all divisive persons only do so in grave disobedience to the Holy Spirit.

 In Jesus’ Name! Amen.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit…

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