Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year

My desire is that you enjoy these days, pray also as you enjoy.However, I call attention to some passages received and words explaining situations of the universe now.

As the Lord proved His Love for us by taking on the thorns, tempted and crushed and ushered the era of redemption and thus, earned the singular privilege of being only Lord, Savior and King of earth and heaven.

In God’s Will a new era of peace and abundance is upon us. In order to enter into this era, the Lord permits that our love for Him be proven. Though many call it trial or chastisement, but it’s a proof of Love. This is already ongoing in different forms for different persons and they must recognize the wisdom in this message as not to fail the test of love and lose the joy of this imminent era of abundance peace and joy. The Lord went through the garden of thorns before the succeeding glorification in the Garden of Resurrection. It’s the Lord’s wisdom that this be announced that we’re going through our garden of thorns and soon to be in garden of peace; peace as never known since the Fall of Adam and Eve.(You’ll learn more wisdom and the gps for entering into the era and garden of peace in the book we just published THE NEW PENTECOST, posted on Amazon, Vol.2 will be as well available soon, detailed.)

Let him who has ears hear!These quotations have been received for our contemplation and transformation
Jeremiah 2 and 6
Daniel 2,6,and 10.
Psalms 103, 91, 12, 135, and 107
Entire chapters of 2 KingsFr Ignatius Mary

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