Who we are: COMMUNITAS MATER DOMINI (CMD) is an organization who lives the “Word of God” and prays for all Preachers of the Word of God. It is our purpose to instill God’s word in every aspect of our lives and to encourage and set an example to others through our relationship with Jesus and His teachings. We do this by ministering, healing, preaching and helping all mankind throughout the world. It is the establishment of likeminded persons to come together to share the brotherhood of God’s word through actions by kindness, compassion and love. Our motto “Instaurare omnia in Christo” (2 Cor.5:18, Col1:20) is founded on the manifest reign of Jesus Christ in all things among all nations.

Mission: COMMUNITAS MATER DOMINI, A New Jersey 501C3, Nonprofit Corporation was established with the whole purpose to evangelize the ‘Word of God” throughout the world. The bible is our roadmap which defines CMD. It is through the Word of God that a footprint is created to help brothers and sisters in need of shelter, food, medical assistance and clothing. Through our international call prayer line and social media, we are reaching members throughout the world on a daily basis.

CMD prepares clergy and religious who will be educated in the philosophy of CMD. They will perform healing masses, foster advancement of the organization through providing workshops, renewal services and retreats. The seminarians for CMD will assist in meditative prayer, charitable work and teaching throughout the world. Currently we have over sixty seminarians who are preparing for CMD mission. We hope to establish shrines and other CMD institutions throughout the globe to propagate our mission.

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